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Company Profile


Hebei Shengmatian lifting equipment Co. , Ltd., located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, Nanqi Township Barbarin Camp Village Development Zone, is a custom processing, sales as one of the lifting equipment manufacturers, after years of efforts and development, the company introduced advanced technology, forging, stamping, automatic welding line, heat treatment resistance furnace, high-frequency fire equipment, etc. At the same time equipped with production line ancillary equipment (spectral analyzer, stretch test machine, hardness meter, impact test machine can enter the plant materialand and finished products to carry out a comprehensive quality control) production capacity gradually expanded.

My company's main sales electromagnetic suction cup, hand/electric sports car, series of hanging straps, sling machine, split hydraulic pump, steel coil pliers, cross-top, bed, spiral jack, hydraulic jack, lifting platform, lift car, stone tongs, Hand-plate hoists, hand-pulled hoists, hydraulic and electric cattle, stacking cars, lifting chains, lifting slings, crane accessories, large tonnage lifting tools, engineering construction electric hoists, climbing hoists, shopping malls dedicated electric hoists.

My company's product range, excellent quality, reasonable price, abundant inventory. With good product quality and high-quality after-sales service, to win the praise of our customers. The company continues to optimize the performance of existing products, and the introduction of high-tech content of new products, the company's products are currently selling throughout the country. Later for a better expansion of the market business model, open up domestic and foreign business, serve the vast number of customers, and closely follow the country's belt and road development strategy, my company opened an online trading platform, trusted by you, do my best, professional services, quality now, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Welcome new and old customers to our company guidance, field visits!


Entrepreneurial spirit

Strive for progress, win-win cooperation;

Pioneering and innovative, quality is today.


Corporate purpose

Quality production


One-stop service

Survive with quality and service


Service commitment

The same product sits on quality, the same quality looks at weight, the same weight looks at service, and over the years we have pursued quality, self-innovation, to undertake various types of non-standard products, to solve the customer's production needs.


Vision for development

Help Sheng Matian brand to do real and strong, to create high-performance products, in good faith and win-win situation.

Fish and water deep, let our lifting equipment all over to promote the progress of human civilization every corner


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